Tom Barnard was very angry on Twitter before rehab announcement [TIMELINE]

Barnard, last night: "Basically, everything is fucked!"
Barnard, last night: "Basically, everything is fucked!"

On his KQRS radio show this morning, Tom Barnard said he'll soon check himself into rehab in order to deal with wine, pill, and anger issues.

"I don't want to be pissed off... I just don't want to be angry anymore," he said.

THE BACKSTORY: Tom Barnard says he's entering rehab, struggling with pills, wine, and anger

A look at his Twitter feed reveals that Barnard was indeed very pissed off during a 12-hour stretch preceding his rehab announcement. In particular, his scorn was directed towards the KQRS sales staff and the Pohlad family, of all people.

Here's a timeline of Barnard's tweets from yesterday, with the newest ones at bottom:

Yesterday's outburst came three days after Barnard unleashed a flurry of cryptic anti-KQ tweets. Click to page two to check them out.

 Here's a selection of tweets Barnard posted Wednesday (most recent ones at bottom):

But Barnard's initial outburst occurred over last weekend, when he blasted KQRS Morning Show cohost Brian Zepp for allegedly making sexist comments:

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