Todd Hoffner, MSU-Mankato football coach, allegedly shot sex videos of his own young kids

Hoffner allegedly shot videos of his son touching himself and his daughters spreading their butt cheeks.
Hoffner allegedly shot videos of his son touching himself and his daughters spreading their butt cheeks.

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MSU-Mankato head football coach Todd Hoffner faces two felony charges after he allegedly shot pornographic videos of his three young children on a university-issued cell phone.

The phone, which Hoffner turned over to the school for repairs earlier this month because it wasn't working properly, contained three video of his children -- ages 9, 8, and 5 -- in various stages of undress, according to a police report. An IT worker who was transferring data from the defective phone to a computer saw the videos, was alarmed, and contacted his supervisor. Eventually, the footage was turned over to the Mankato Police Department, and Hoffner was arrested Tuesday.

From the Mankato Free Press:

A one-minute video created on June 26 showed the three children, one boy and two girls, with their backs to the camera and covered by towels, the complaint said. They drop the towels and turn toward the camera, exposing themselves. The boy allegedly fondles himself and the girls allegedly bend over and expose their anuses to the camera.

A much shorter video showed the girls dancing naked before the boy enters wearing only a football helmet, according to the complaint. The third video, about two minutes long, allegedly shows one of girls being woken at night by a male and told to go to the bathroom. After the girl gets up, the camera focuses in on the back side of her underwear, the complaint said.

Hoffner's attorney, Jim Fleming, said he'll fight the charges, telling reporters yesterday that the videos show nothing more than "private family moments."

Hoffner, 46-years-old and married, posted $40,000 bail and will remain free without conditions until his next hearing, which is scheduled for August 30. He's been charged with one count of using minors in a sexual performance or pornographic work, and one count of possessing child pornography.

Hoffner was escorted off the practice field last Friday and placed on paid administrative leave, meaning the 2009 Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference coach of the year will continue to receive his $101,000 salary for the time being.

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