Today's Mankato Free Press ran story about "Rapefruit" on cover of food section [IMAGE]

This is a fruit you don't want any part of...
This is a fruit you don't want any part of...

:::: UPDATE :::: Mankato Free Press on "Rapefruit" fiasco: "Next time, we'll just use the G"

Suffice it to say it hasn't been a good day for whoever is responsible for laying out the Mankato Free Press's food section.

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In today's paper, the above-the-fold story looks to be about "Rapefruit," which is apparently "Good for every meal."

Of course, the story is really about recipes using grapefruit, but how somebody thought a C-shaped half slice of fruit looks like a G is beyond us.

As a male, I'll leave the jokes at that. After all, if Todd Akin taught us anything, it's that the less dudes say about rape, the better.

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