TMZ: Michael Floyd caught drinking at Arizona home, blames Kombucha

Michael Floyd is due back in court on June 26, where he'll learn if his failed breathalyzers mean jail time.

Michael Floyd is due back in court on June 26, where he'll learn if his failed breathalyzers mean jail time.

Vikings wide receiver Michael Floyd was drinking in his Arizona home on Sunday and Monday, a violation of his house arrest terms, according to a report from TMZ Sports.

The gifted St. Paul native who signed with Minnesota last month is currently serving a three-month house arrest sentence after a very bad and very public DWI arrest in Phoenix late last year. That arrest (Floyd's second) got him cut from the Arizona Cardinals.

Floyd, a high school star while at Cretin-Derham Hall, was snatched up last winter as an on-field decoy by the New England Patriots, who sloughed him off after their Super Bowl win.

Alcohol is prohibited under the terms of Floyd's in-home restrictions. Floyd "begged the court" to take off his blood alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet, TMZ reports, arguing it would inhibit his physical training to prepare for the coming football season. Instead, he's undergoing random breathalyzers.

And failing them: Floyd reportedly had a series of "high alcohol events" on June 11 and 12. TMZ says Floyd's reps blamed his breath tests — which registered in the .04 and .05 range — on his drinking Kombucha, a (very) low-alcohol fermented tea

Floyd's DWI sentence called for more than 90 days of house arrest, and his failure could mean he'll serve some of those days in jail. Floyd is expected to receive a multiple-game suspension from the NFL, which has broad discretion for punishing repeat criminal offenders. (Floyd was also arrested for a DUI offense while a college student at Notre Dame.)

The Vikings organization released a rather vague and non-committal statement about their new signing's situation on Friday:  “We are aware of the situation involving Michael Floyd and are looking into the matter. We are still gathering facts and will withhold any further comment at this time.”

Floyd flatly denied his alleged drinking to Pioneer Press reporter Brian Murphy:



If you do believe what TMZ says, Floyd's next court appearance is booked for June 26, where he's due to learn what these breath test failures mean.