TMI alert: Minneapolis mom livestreams birth


Evidently time was a wastin' for Lynsee and Anders Gannett, of Minneapolis, who welcomed their new child into the world in what can only be described as a whopping case of TMI on Nov. 7.

Little Solveig Gannet's birth, you see, was streamed live to the world on the Internet -- and she wasn't supposed to make appearance until Nov. 19.

Darn. Missed it. But the video of the big day can be found here.

"It's so miraculous and special because each birth is different," the 23-year-old teacher told the blog ahead of the big day."If I were in a classroom, I would be teaching about childhood development, so I feel that I'm using myself as a textbook to teach others about pregnancy and delivery."

Oversharing or human textbook? You be the judge.