Tirso Cruz Gomez attacked Grumpy's bouncer with a knife and was shot dead


Twenty-four-year-old Tirso Cruz Gomez of Columbia Heights came after the Grumpy's bouncer with a knife early Sunday morning. Now the question is, did the bouncer act with reasonable force when he shot Gomez dead?

The bouncer, whose name has not been released by police, first tried to use a telescoping baton to defend himself against Gomez. When that failed -- witnesses said the bouncer was cut in the fight -- he pulled out a pistol. Police found Gomez dead on the sidewalk. They briefly detained the bouncer, who had a concealed carry permit for the gun, and then released him. Once MPD completes its investigation, they'll forward the results to the Hennepin County Attorney, who will then decide whether the bouncer's actions represented justifiable homicide, Sgt. Bill Palmer told us this morning.

Gomez had been in Grumpy's earlier and tossed out. He went home, and then announced he was heading back to the bar. The Pioneer Press described what happened next:

Marna Gomez pleaded with her son not to leave their Columbia Heights home and return to a Northeast Minneapolis bar that earlier had refused to serve him.

Tirso Gomez Jr. left anyway, and early Sunday the 24-year-old was shot dead outside Grumpy's Bar and Grill, his mother said.

"I just asked him to please don't go," his mother said. "I screamed down the street, 'Don't go!' "

The Star Tribune spoke with a witness who had seen Gomez in the bar earlier:

"We exited the bar moments after it happened," said Laura Amarillas, who was at the bar with friends. "What we saw was this young man, whom we had actually befriended that night, on the floor bleeding. There were others at his side trying to stop his bleeding and doing their best to aid him."

Marna Gomez, Tirso's mother, told the Pioneer Press:

"I love my son, and whoever this guy is who did this -- whether it was a bouncer or whoever -- all I have to say to him is 'I hope you can live with your conscience because you killed a special person,' " she said. "And you did wrong."

Grumpy's was closed on Sunday after the shooting. It's since re-opened.

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