Tinklenberg's bounty

So: last week, lefty blog MN Progressive Project discovered that Elwyn Tinklenberg still has about 500 grand worth of unused funds in his campaign coffers.

But before you accuse the hobbit of squandering the riches that could have unseated the divisive Michele Bachmann (R-Maybe it's Maybelline), consider that it was flooding in faster than he could spend it.

Says Tinklenberg:

"The money kept coming in up until the last day. Also, there had been so much media time purchased already that there wasn't really time and opportunity to buy any more."

Tinklenberg says his campaign will put the excess dough toward funding likeminded congressional candidates. And of course there's always the possibility of a grudge match in 2010, though Tink isn't making any promises.

"I don't have any idea [what the chances are]," he says. "So many things are going to happen in the next year, especially with the census and redistricting coming up. Until then, we'll just leave our options open and take it from there."

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