Timothy Peterson, self-proclaimed "soul collector," carves up neighbor

Timothy Peterson, soul collector
Timothy Peterson, soul collector

Ivan "Skip" Mallas of Fergus Falls is lucky to be alive after a weird and bloody encounter with a neighbor who appeared at his front door and demanded his soul.

The neighbor, Timothy Peterson, came at Mallas with a Bowie knife in the early hours of Sunday morning. It must have felt like he was trapped in a George Romero movie.

Mallas, a former candidate for mayor, wasn't expecting visitors.

"He told me he was gonna kill me," Mallas told a local TV station. "I asked him 'Why?'

"Because I own your soul," the modern-day Grim Reaper replied, and then started chants about being a "medicine man," and a "soul collector."

Peterson kept coming at Mallas with the knife, trying to stab him in the chest, slit his throat, and take his scalp. Mallas, in turn, tried to grab the knife from Peterson, but ended up with gouged hands and a slashed face and feet.

Then as hauntingly as the slashing attack began, it was over. Peterson walked away.

Mallas called the cops from the safety of a neighbor's house; his own was a bloody mess.

When they arrived, officers followed a trail of blood down the street to Peterson's home. There he was, sitting on the couch, covered in blood with the knife at his side.

Peterson's been charged with attempted murder.

What a horror show.

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