Timothy Morgan and Kristi Preimesberger nabbed here for Reno murder

Brother and sister Timothy Morgan and Kristi Preimesberger, on the run from a murder investigation in Reno, were nabbed yesterday in a Roseville motel. The model citizens evidently left "suspicious" contraband laying around their room, only to have it discovered by a maid.

The duo had evidently checked out. Whatever it was they left, they wanted it back bad enough that they returned to fetch it -- and walked right into an arrest.

"We sat on the room until someone came back," police Lt. Lorne Rosand told the PiPress.

Morgan was busted on felony drugs charges.

Preimesberger, meanwhile, got a free night in a motel, courtesy of Roseville police who wanted to question her about the drugs.

The next day, the pair were ratted out by Preimesberger's mother. Seem's the daughter called home after being dropped off at the motel, and the mom passed the word onto Reno's finest, who gave their brethren in Roseville the heads up: Morgan is suspected of killing his sister's husband, Eric Preimesberger, in April. The sister is believed to be a material witness.

They're both in the Ramsey County jail, awaiting extradition to Nevada.

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