Timothy Lamere arrested for distributing 2C-E that caused mass overdose

Timothy Lamere is set to be charged with third degree murder on Monday.

Timothy Lamere is set to be charged with third degree murder on Monday.

Blaine police have arrested 21-year-old Timothy Richard Lamere for supplying the hallucinogen 2C-E that caused 11 people to overdose, killing one.

He will be formally charged with third-degree murder in the death of Trevor Robinson, who died on Thursday. [jump] Early Thursday morning, at a spring break party in Blaine, several people either took pills or snorted the hallucinogen 2C-E which had been bought by a party guest over the internet. According to cops, that person was Timothy Lamere.

Andy Young, a lifelong friend of Robinson's, responded with anger.

"I hope he gets life! Trevor was my best fucking friend!" he wrote in an email. "We were together for everything!"

Rumors are swirling within the group of friends that the drug was mixed with some other chemical or cleaner. But Fenner says the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, which analyzed the substance, confirmed that it is 2C-E and to his knowledge did not discover any other harmful substances in it. He says Blaine police are investigating along with Anoka County.

Buying 2C-E online is still legal, though buying its chemical cousin 2C-I is not. Trevor Robinson, a 19-year-old college student, took some of the drug and started having having trouble breathing soon after. He was driven to the hospital and left in the parking lot unconscious. He died later that day after being taken off life support.

Ten other people at the party were treated for overdoses, and at least nine of them are now at home. Sadly, Robinson was not so lucky, and he's left a five-month-old son behind.

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