Timothy Kelvie poses as police officer, pulls over teenagers

Timothy Kelvie, a former Vadnais Heights firefighter, is accused of posing as a police officer and pulling over two teenagers.

Based on the equipment found his car, this may not have been the first time. He now faces several misdemeanor charges, including impersonating a police officer and possession of a police scanner in a motor vehicle.

On March 2, Kelvie was driving through Maplewood in his 2002 Crown Victoria when he flipped on a loud siren from inside his car, according to police. He motioned with his hands for a teenage driver to pull to the side of the road.

Kelvie proceeded to take the kid's driver's license and pretend to run it, according to police. He didn't go as far as issuing a ticket, but instead let the driver off with a warning.

There were plenty of details to raise suspicion. For one, Kelvie was wearing a firefighter's jacket, not a police uniform. His car also had firefighter plates.

It sounds like Kelvie also picked the wrong kids to mess with. The two teenagers in the car were both "youth law enforcement explorer volunteers."

Maplewood police arrested Kevlie two days later. In his car, they found a spotlight, an LED dash light, a rear directional "arrowstick," and a device designed to change the color of a traffic light, according to police.

"Based on Kelvie's behavior, the outfitting of his car, and other items in his possession, we are concerned Kelvie may be involved in other similar incidents in which he has impersonated a police officer, or conducted himself in a manner so as to lead a reasonable person to believe he was," says Maplewood Deputy Chief Dave Kvam in a statement.

Police aren't releasing Kelvie's mugshot so other potential victims can identify him in a line-up, but they say he's about 5' 8", 236 lbs., with blue eyes and gray hair.

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