Timothy Harper admits to shooting man in Franklin Library bathroom for no good reason

Surveillance footage stills caught Harper just after he shot a man in Franklin Library, leaving him paralyzed.
Surveillance footage stills caught Harper just after he shot a man in Franklin Library, leaving him paralyzed.

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Minneapolis police say 23-year-old Timothy Harper turned himself in Tuesday and admitted responsibility for a June 13 shooting inside a Franklin Avenue Library bathroom that left a man paralyzed.

Harper has been charged with first-degree assault and could face up to 20 years in prison. His brother told police he shot Macdad Abdullahi, a 42-year-old homeless man, because "[Harper] said something to the guy and the guy did not say anything back and he felt like the guy was going to attack him so he shot him."

Surveillance footage showed Harper and his brother (police haven't identified him by name) entering Franklin Library together just after noon on June 13, laughing and joking together. At one point, Harper goes into the bathroom while his brother goes outside to smoke a cig. Minutes later, Harper exits the bathroom, stuffs a gun into his pants, and hustles outside. He jogs past his brother, who starts jogging himself in order to keep pace.

During a police interview, Harper's brother, using the nickname "Zay Zay" for Harper, described their conversation as they left the library as follows:

When "Zay Zay" carne out of the library, he was agitated and sweating. He then told [his bro] that he had to "lay hands" on someone... [T]hey went to get something to eat and then went to the downtown library.

At Central Library, security guards noticed the duo's resemblance to the men captured in Franklin's surveillance footage and apprehended them. Harper managed to get away before police arrived, but his brother turned into a key witness in the effort to identify who shot Abdullahi, who was brushing his teeth in the library when Harper entered and shot him in the back.

Police have been looking for Harper since last month. His brother told officers he might be in Chicago.

Doctors say the back injury Abdullahi suffered will leave him unable to walk the rest of his life.

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