Timothy Eugene Peterson, a.k.a. "Soul Collector," sentenced for carving up neighbor

Timothy Eugene Peterson will have to collect souls in prison from now on.

Fittingly just in time for Halloween, Peterson, the self-proclaimed "Soul Collector" who tried to hack up his neighbor, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Peterson was arrested in January after an uninvited visit to the house of Ivan "Skip" Mallas, a former mayoral candidate from Fergus Falls.

From KSAX:

"I got a knock on the door, I wasn't expecting this person (Peterson)," Mallas said in Jan. "He told me he was gonna kill me ... and I asked him 'Why?' 'Because I own your soul.' "He started stabbing that knife in between my feet; closer and closer, and I didn't move," Mallas said.

Mallas fought for his life, trying to wrestle the knife away while Peterson attempted to slice him up.

Eventually, Peterson just backed off and walked home, leaving a trail of blood behind him.

Mallas got away with wounds in his face, hands, and feet, and walked over to his neighbors to call 911. Police found Peterson sitting on his couch covered in blood, the knife at his side.

In July, Peterson pleaded guilty to first-degree assault. He was sentenced Tuesday in an Otter Tail County courthouse. 

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