Timothy Carson sentenced for cop-turned-robber spree

Ex-Marine Timothy Carson is an Iraq war veteran, and a former Washington County corrections officer and Minneapolis police SWAT member.

Carson is also a convicted bank robber and small-time stick up man. And yesterday he was sentenced the second time for his crime spree earlier this year.

He'll serve 10 years for five counts of aggravated robbery in Hennepin County. But he'll serve them concurrently with the eight years he drew from federal charges after robbing an Apple Valley bank in January.

He still faces charges in Dakota County.

As Carson's case unfolded in court proceedings this past year, it became clear he was a troubled guy. Suffering from a brain injury and post traumatic stress disorder, he was broke and had a home in foreclosure.

He also learned that, while he was serving in the military overseas, his wife had lied to him about being drugged and raped. She also faked an illness with cancer, and made up a story about their daughter being raped.

He went on his crime spree to help pay bills, he said, and hoped that police would shoot and kill him so that his family could collect on his $250,000 life insurance policy.

But that never happened. He held up a convenience stores, a lady at a bus stop, a dry cleaner and other victims, and got away with it.

Finally, in January, he was arrested in the Apple Valley bank heist when he showed up for work with the MPD.

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