Timothy Boland admits to killing brother's girlfriend, faking motorcycle accident


A Robbinsdale man admitted yesterday to killing his brother's girlfriend and trying to cover it up with a staged motorcycle accident.

Timothy Boland's trial was slated to begin yesterday, but instead he pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter. His brother, Ryan Boland, pleaded guilty late last year to helping his brother cover up the murder by strapping Natasha Leigh Waalen's body to her motorcycle and sending it on a crash course.

From the Pioneer Press:

Ryan Boland, of Anoka, testified in court that Waalen and Timothy Boland got into an argument the night of her death. The argument ended with Timothy Boland hitting the 28-year-old Waalen, of Anoka, over the head with a baseball bat, according to media reports from Ryan Boland's court case.

Waalen and Timothy Boland had each used cocaine earlier that night, according to Ryan Boland, and Waalen had accused Timothy Boland of setting up relatives of hers in a drug sting. Timothy Boland had been an informant for the area police and was used for such an operation, investigators said.

Police originally presumed Waalen's death was an accident, but the medical examiner's report said otherwise. Ryan Boland was charged in the murder two weeks later. Then police linked hair found at the crime scene to one of Timothy Boland's dogs, and the jig was up.

Timothy Boland faces sentencing next month and could serve up 11 years in prison.