Timothy Boe and Sylvestar Gayekpar turn construction paper into $100 bills

You think copying this is easy?
You think copying this is easy?

Some people have all the bright ideas. Like two Minnesota guys who were running a little low on cash, and apparently decided they could just make more out of black construction paper.

At least that's what they said they could do, according to prosecutors. Now Timothy Sewro Boe, 39, of Coon Rapids, and Sylvester Richards Gayekpar, 27, of Brooklyn Park, are on trial in federal court for scamming people.

The duo allegedly promised charged their victims real money for a miraculous money-making kit of black construction paper, iodine, Comet and foot powder. The poor suckers who fell for the scam got stuck with a bunch of chemicals and some useless black paper cut in the shape of dollar bills.

It's kind of hard to understand why anyone would possibly fall for this crazy swindle, since this kind of scam is so old it even has its own Wikipedia entry.

But Boe, Gayekpar, and 34-year-old Benjamin Garduwar Karbedeh apparently thought they could be persuasive. Everything was going great, until they tried to swindle the wrong guy out of $50,000. They took him to a hotel and showed them their magical counterfeiting process, using real $100 bills they'd dyed black to look like construction paper.

The only problem was that the Burnsville was an undercover Hennepin County Sheriff's deputy, according to the Pioneer Press.

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