Timelapse Video Shows Minneapolis' Downtown Riverfront Transform Over 20+ Years

Two decades of riverfront transformation

Two decades of riverfront transformation

Downtown Minneapolis nowadays is a cacophony of construction transforming the skyline and reshaping the riverfront. As the development spree barrels forward it's interesting to look back and marvel at how far we've come.

David Tinjum over at the Mill City Times just put together a timelapse video starting with the mostly barren Downtown East/Mill District neighborhood in 1991, then fast-forwarding to the rapid development of 2003-2014.

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Tinjum has lived in the Mill District for five and a half years, and even in that short time frame development has reshaped the neighborhood.

"If I go down and think about 2nd Street, which is kind of the heart of the neighborhood, many of the buildings are new: Mill District City Apartments, American Academy of Neurology, Stonebridge Lofts, Izzy's, just to name a few," he says.

He started with 1991 because that was the first photo he could find from the same vantage point, although a sequel may be in the works because he has aerial maps of Minneapolis dating back to the 1890s.

"The very first maps are artist's renditions and you can see the cluster of buildings starting at the falls and growing outward, and it grew and grew and then in the 1960s they bulldozed everything in the name of urban redevelopment," he says.

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