Time for Minnesota State High School All Hockey Hair Team, circa 2019



Let’s face it: The Minnesota high school boys hockey state tournament is great and everything, but we know what’s truly on everyone’s minds.

With the tournament comes the annual tradition of the teen participants sporting luscious hairdos. Whether you call it "flow," "lettuce," "salad," or "moss," the potential of some guys growing a long set of locks is, for some, clearly as crucial to the game of hockey as learning how to clear the puck.

And maybe it’s something in our only gently polluted lake water, but let's weirdly humble brag: Minnesota high schoolers are some of America's most talented... when it comes to... growing hockey hair.

The bleached mullets. The silky, shoulder-length manes. Mustaches that'd make Tom Selleck blush. And occasionally we are blessed by the lucky few who can grow a set of filthy mutton chops.

Every year after the tournament has concluded, there is a buzz of anticipation for John King and Game On! Minnesota to release their All Hockey Hair Team video. For the past 10 years, King has been ranking the top hairstyles spotted during the tournament. He decided this year would be the last, so this 2019 lineup is truly the “grand flownale.”

We bid farewell (for now) with "Michaelangeflow" and the "Railroad Baron," among others. King even spliced in short clips from NHL players congratulating the teens on their follicles. Minnesota Wild forward Jordan Greenway, calmly showing off a chipped tooth in true hockey fashion, tells the boys their flow is "sweet."

It is, boys. Today, you're all winners.

Make sure to generously tip your barber this month, and please enjoy the flow below.