Timberwolves talk of progress debunked: Comment of the day

No teeth.

No teeth.

The Timberwolves began the season with another revamped roster, promises of "progress," and early signs of hope.

We figure that at this point, Kevin Love alone is worthy of being an All-Star. But the T-Wolves now own the NBA's second-worst record with the season more than a third gone.

All of which prompted Pittsburgh Norm to opine on the joy of lowered expectations:


I had TWolves season tix for the first couple of years. It was a hoot cause there were no expectations. I would seriously consider buying again, but it's time for expectations. I would like to see them make a serious effort to produce a winning team, or else I will regard them as I do the Pittsburgh Pirates, who care little about the game but more about producing a profitable business by selling off their talented players every July. But the Timberwolves are not a profitable business, and the other difference: The Pirates were once a great franchise.

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