Timberwolves take a swipe at Miami Heat's Harlem Shake video... with a baseball bat [VIDEOS]

Suffice it to say Crunch isn't impressed.
Suffice it to say Crunch isn't impressed.
Miami Heat do the Harlem Shake

Last week, the defending NBA champion Miami Heat released an official team Harlem Shake video, complete with a crown-adorned and shirtless LeBron James busting some moves.

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The video has been viewed more than 31 million times and has accrued than 129,000 "likes." But it has drawn the ire of one big gray furry hater -- namely, Crunch, the Minnesota Timberwolves' mascot.

In a video unveiled during last night's Heat-Wolves game, Crunch literally kicks the shit out of a Miami Heat fan who's about to emulate his hardwood heroes by going nuts when Baauer's beat drops.

First, here's the Heat's video:

And here's Crunch's response:

Unfortunately, outside of J.J. Barea laying the smack down on Ray Allen, Crunch's video was about all the ass kicking the Wolves would end up doing last night, as LeBron and his Harlem-Shaking sidekicks coasted to a 97-81 win.

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