Tim Robbins donated to Michele Bachmann's campaign

Tim Robbins, poster boy for the armchair Hollywood liberal set, donated $5,000 to ten Republican candidates back in 2006, The Daily Beast reports. This includes $500 to Michele Bachmann.

The revelation has spawned speculation that his rocky, now defunct, relationship with Susan Sarandon had something to do with the counter-intuitive contribution. Maybe, but that seems too convenient.

Far be it from us to speculate as to what the hell Robbins was thinking, but there's a savvy logic to the move. At least in retrospect. Bachmann's caucasianoid, mega church-dotted district, remember, is reliably safe GOP territory. With a republican representative pretty much a given, you might as well donate to the batshit true believer incapable of piecing together more than three consecutive talking points without verbally shitting herself. Since rising to national prominence, Bachmann has done more to discredit the far-right than any jeremiad issued by either Robbins or Sarandon. If that's the case: touche, Mr. Robbins.

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