Tim Post's "Date Night" spoof is hilarious [VIDEO]

When MPR reporter Tim Post saw Seth Nelson's "Date Night" video, he thought to himself about "just how opposite most peoples' lives are from an Uptown condo life."

"I live in the Como Park neighborhood, which is kinda the anti-Uptown," Post tells us. "You know, messy with dishes in the sink, and I thought, most of us, if we left a girlfriend or wife waiting at the bar while we took a shower and made a drink and and watched the sunset, the reaction wouldn't be the same as what we saw in the Uptown bro video."

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So Post was inspired to break out his camera and spend a few hours over the weekend shooting his own version of "Date Night." There are no Maseratis driving through Uptown, pre-date martinis consumed alone on a balcony overlooking a Lake Calhoun sunset, or women waiting unbelievable lengths of time at a bar to meet up while you lollygag around. Instead, there are babysitters to worry about, Bud Lights to drink, and suburban-style strip malls to drive past.

Without further ado, here it is:

As is the case in Nelson's video, the woman in Post's is his wife, Jen, with whom he has two daughters, one 11, the other 16.

"I don't really think the original Uptown bro-mercial accurately represents Uptown either," Post tells us. "But I see it as the bizarro version of that video -- I think people associate more with things that happen in real life."

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