Tim Poe's Facebook fanpage besieged by negative comments

In the wake of revelations that Tim Poe lied about his war injuries on America's Got Talent, his Facebook fanpage has been under constant fire by snipers leaving negative comments.

On Monday's edition of the NBC show, Poe claimed to have been hit by an RPG in Afghanistan. "It broke my back and gave me a brain injury," he said, manifesting a stutter as an alleged consequence.

But the Minnesota National Guard investigated those claims and found that he lied about those injuries. Although Poe did serve in Afghanistan, he was never hit by a grenade, and didn't receive a purple heart.

If you go to Facebook and search Tim Poe, the first site that comes up is this fanpage. It is currently the place where much of America is venting about being hoaxed by Tim Poe, who told a fake story to get a pass to Las Vegas, the next stage of the talent show that awards a million dollars to the top act.

Tim Poe's Facebook fanpage besieged by negative comments

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