Tim Poe tells Dallas TV station he's sorry and doesn't know what's real

America's Got Talent singer Tim Poe is now claiming to be divorced from reality as an explanation for why he told a false story about being wounded in combat.

Last week, Poe told the TV show's judges that he was injured in a grenade blast while serving in Afghanistan, causing him to stutter. The next day, the Minnesota Army National Guard said that although Poe indeed served in the army, its records don't support his claim about his injury.

Poe was criticized by former fans on Facebook, his ex-wife, and a staff sergeant whose photo Poe used on America's Got Talent in place of his own.

On Friday, Poe, now a resident of Texas, sobbed through an interview with WFAA-TV in Dallas and apologized for embellishing -- but not lying about -- his story.

"As far as everything I said, I believe it wholeheartedly myself," he said. "But I feel like I might be going crazy." Later in the interview, Poe offered: "I really don't know right now what's reality and what's not reality."

Donna Cranston, founder of non-profit group Defenders of Freedom, told WFAA-TV that she believes Poe is lying. Defenders of Freedom offers financial assistance to wounded soldiers transitioning out of the military, and the organization paid Poe's bills and gave him gas money and gift cards for a couple of months. During that time, Cranston says, Poe did not stutter.

"I believe he's a liar, and I hate to say that," she said. "I know we're not supposed to call people liars, but I believe he's a liar."

Poe told the TV station that he knows he needs help and that he has called the VA to make an appointment.

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