Tim Poe booted from America's Got Talent [VIDEO]

Tim Poe, the America's Got Talent singer whose battle injury claims were disputed by the Minnesota National Guard, was cut from the show last night.

Poe sang George Strait's "The Chair" at the Las Vegas finals before he was booted rather anticlimactically from the competition.

"I don't know that he holds up to other singers on this show at all," said judge Howie Mandel.

Howard Stern, another judge, waited to make his decision. "We have a lot of great singers that we saw," Stern said.

"Let's look at more and we'll make a decision," Mandel conceded.

At the end of the show, judge Sharon Osbourne told a group of contestants, including Poe, that they wouldn't be going to the next round in New York. And that was that, with no mention of Poe's scandal.

A few weeks ago, Poe told the judges during his debut performance that he was injured in a grenade while serving in Afghanistan, causing him to stutter. The next day, the Minnesota National Guard said that though Poe indeed served in the military, its records don't support his claim about the injury.

Poe was criticized by former fans on Facebook, his ex-wife, and a staff sergeant whose photo Poe had used in place of his own on America's Got Talent.

Through tears, Poe told WFAA-TV in Dallas that he was divorced from reality. "As far as everything I said, I believe it wholeheartedly myself," he said. "But I feel like I might be going crazy." Later in the interview, he said, "I really don't know right now what's reality and what's not reality."

Poe told the TV station that he knows he needs help and that he had called the VA to make an appointment. No word as to whether he is getting professional help now.

Here's a video of last night's show:

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