Tim Pawlenty's Minneapolis fundraiser: Bachmann and Palin charged more

We'll have to wait for <a href="" target="_blank">another movie trailer</a> in order to see T-Paw's speech last night.

We'll have to wait for another movie trailer in order to see T-Paw's speech last night.

We'd tell you what Tim Pawlenty said last night at his fundraiser in Minneapolis, but the press wasn't invited. No worries though, because it's almost a given by now that T-Paw's stump speech will be cooked up into yet another action movie trailer for the internets.

We'll be looking for it. You can watch the others here.

Meantime, we have a short list of the big shots who were willing to pony up $2,500 a pop for a VIP photo reception and dinner, or the $1,000 dinner reservations.

That may sound like a lot of money, but it's actually a bargain. Last year, when Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann held their love fest in the Twin Cities, photo ops went for a cool $10,000.


On the the invite list last night at International Market Square: Al Annexstad, CEO of Federated Insurance Companies; Tim Owens, CEO of Voyager Financial Services; Steve Sanger, former CEO of General Mills; Minneapolis businessman Wheelock Whitney, who helped bring the Twins to Minnesota; Bob Urlich, former CEO of Target; Bill Hawkins, CEO of Medtronic; Greg Page, CEO of Cargill; and Sid Verdoorn, former CEO of C.H. Robinson Worldwide.

Hat tip to Politico for the list, and this tired hockey metaphor quote:


"[Pawlenty] was the only person standing between enormous tax increases and Minnesota business for eight years," said Charlie Weaver, Pawlenty's former chief of staff, who now heads the Minnesota Business Partnership. "He was like a goalie. He was the last person who could stop the a shot from getting in the net. He did it time and time again."

Anyone want to bet that we'll see T-Paw on a hockey rink in some future campaign ad?

UPDATE: The Hill reports Pawlenty hauled in $800,000 from the fundraiser.

Here's the invitation:

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