Tim Pawlenty will have his revenge on high school tormenters

Back in 2004,

City Pages

columnist Jim Walsh interviewed Husker Du's Grant Hart, who happened to attend school with a young Tim Pawlenty.

The whole thing is fascinating, but I was particularly interested in the part where T-Paw blows off his teacher by saying, "I'm gonna be president someday."

The best I've ever heard about the Pawlentys is, "Oh, the mother's a real nice woman. She helps out at her church." Or something like that. But a lot of people that know him are like, "What's with Tim? Oh, his goal is to become president." You know, he's a real power whore.

There's a teacher here who, it sounds like, at one point, Pawlenty made comments after some student-teacher confrontation, "Oh, this isn't going to matter, because I'm gonna be president someday." I've only heard the details secondhand, but it sounds like there's a real "I'm gonna getcha" kind of thing in him. Or a real refusal to take what ends up happening as the final word. He acts like he's got a trick up his sleeve.

If John McCain picks Pawlenty as his running mate, which is looking increasingly likely, and then dies in office, which wouldn't be surprising because McCain is so damn old, then T-Paw will finally be in a position to make good on his schoolboy threats. Look on his works, ye South St. Paul students, and despair!

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