Tim Pawlenty who? New poll, familiar result

Tales from the basement.

Tales from the basement.

Maybe it's time for Tim Pawlenty to get his own TV reality show. Because what else is it going to take for him to eclipse the likes of Sarah Palin in GOP presidential contender polls?

Maybe he can talk smokin' hot wife Mary into a Dancing With the Stars slot. She's got to be better on her feet than Bristol Palin.


Whatever he does, it looks like it needs to be something different from road tripping on the Republican rubber chicken circuit, because that gambit still hasn't got him out of the popularity basement.

Witness the latest Public Policy Polling survey on Republicans on their favored candidates for 2012:

  • Sarah Palin 21%
  • Newt Gingrich 19%
  • Mitt Romney 18%
  • Mike Huckabee 16%.
  • Ron Paul 5%
  • Tim Pawlenty 5%
  • John Thune 3%
  • Mitch Daniels 2%

In a few short weeks, barring a total meltdown in the governor's race recount, Pawlenty's term will be up and he'll be free to tell the world, as promised, whether he's really going to make a run for the White House.

Meantime, tearing a page from "Sarah Palin's Alaska" might not be a bad idea. "Tim Pawlenty's Eagan," anyone? It's got to be a better tactic than this.