Tim Pawlenty wants to "smash the windows out of big government"


Speaking before an unarmed mob at the Conservative Political Action Conference today, Gov. Pawlenty slipped in a little pop-culture humor in his introduction.

"A big event is happening this morning," he said. "Tiger Woods is holding a press conference."

Not a horrible joke, we'll concede. But the golf metaphor shtick then took a turn for the weird when Pawlenty proceeded to urge the activists to "take a nine iron and smash the windows out of big government"-- an unfortunate choice of words, considering that yesterday a disillusioned software engineer did precisely that, only his window-smashing involved an airplane and suicide.

The crowd liked the line, but not as much they dug Pawlenty's Judeo-Christian bunkum. The 2012 presidential hopeful's only standing ovation came when he said, quite seriously, "God is in charge."

Asked for comment, God flatly denied having anything to do with the present mess.