Tim Pawlenty vs. everyone; Bob Dylan and the cat thrower

The DFL Kid hails from parts unknown

The DFL Kid hails from parts unknown

KSTP's latest SurveyUSA poll looks at Gov. Tim Pawlenty's chances against a list of Democrats hoping to overtake him in the 2010 race for governor. Pawlenty has yet to announce his bid for re-election, but the data show which Democrats could have the best chance of beating him.

According to the poll, Pawlenty would defeat any of the top Democrats in the race. It's tough to draw any conclusions from the data since it is so early and most of the Democrats have yet to start any real campaigning for the job. Name recognition goes a long way in this poll.

The interesting results from the poll: In head-to-head match-ups with former Sen. Mark Dayton, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak, and St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman, Pawlenty is unable to take 50 percent of the vote. Among the Democrats, Dayton received the highest percentage of the vote.

Don't blame the governor

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine wrote a letter to Gov. Tim Pawlenty last week asking him to sign the election certificate for Al Franken or ask Norm Coleman to concede so Minnesota can have full representation in Washington.

Pawlenty responded with a letter kindly explaining the laws of Minnesota and how the case is currently out of his hands.

But can't he still be a good Minnesotan and ask Coleman to concede to save both of their asses?

While Pawlenty says he understands "the frustrations of my fellow Minnesotans who rightfully deserve to be represented by two senators," he went on to explain that legally he can't do anything about the Senate fight right now.

He noted a state Supreme Court ruling in the case that said "state law does not require, indeed does not permit, issuance of a certificate of election until the election contest in state court is completed."

Bob Dylan, camp poet

Former Herzl Herald editor Lisa Heilicher had a secret hidden under the "Z" heading in an encyclopedia she owned: a poem written by Bob Dylan in the summer of 1957.

The poem, titled "Little Buddy," was published in the Herzl Camp newspaper.

Dylan, who was known as Bobby Zimmerman at the time, must have been a lonely, depressed camper. His poem tells the story of a sad child mourning his dead dog. What a skippy little topic, right?

The poem, handwritten on white paper, will be auctioned off next month at Christie's. It is expected to sell for up to $15,000. The money will go to the camp in Webster, Wisconsin.

Dylan's nieces and nephews work at the camp and told him about the auction. His response? "Do what you want with it."

Scumbag of the week

It sounds like this man can't keep his hands to himself. First he was convicted of throwing his girlfriend's cat against a wall with so much force the cat had to be put down. Now he's charged with domestic assault.

Scott Michael Turner is accused of punching his girlfriend in the face during a fight in her car. She was also the owner of the cat thrown against the wall. She called 911 last week in the Lake Como area to say her boyfriend assaulted her.

Might be a good idea to put this guy away if he is convicted. Let his fellow inmates throw him around awhile so he knows what it feels like.