Tim Pawlenty vs. Donald Trump, Birther

T-Paw wants Trump to get a grip on reality.

T-Paw wants Trump to get a grip on reality.

Tim Pawlenty has shown over and over that he's willing to go the extra mile to win over the Republican Party base. But he draws the line with birthers -- including Donald Trump.

Funny guy, The Donald, and he's rich, too, Pawlenty told Sean Hannity on Fox News last night. But Trump should stick to telling flustered wannabes on "The Apprentice" they're fired, instead of wasting everyone's time and attention on debunked conspiracies about the president's birth certificate. President Barack Obama is an American. Get over it and move on.


HANNITY: Let me ask you about this little battle with Trump. Donald Trump has said, Where is the birth certificate? You said it is not an issue for you. You have no doubt whatsoever. My question to you is, -- because I never really followed the issue. I've gotten more interested only lately. Why don't they just produce the stupid thing and move on?

PAWLENTY: First of all, as to Donald Trump, the Donald, I think he's successful, entertaining, interesting and funny. I think he brings a lot to the debate so, you know, good for him. But on the other hand for me, the news reports from CNN and others have said they've seen the birth certificate.

Hannity dished some snark about never trusting CNN -- on the same day news broke that the Fox News D.C. managing editor knowingly spread "far fetched" nonsense about Obama being a socialist, even though he knew he was deceiving his audience. Fair and balanced as always.

Here's "the stupid thing."

Here's "the stupid thing."

PAWLENTY: I just don't believe, with the [newspaper] advertisement, with the hospital announcement, with the certificate of live birth, that somebody that long ago, you know, fabricated and created a fraudulent situation [so] that Barack Obama could be where he is today. I just don't believe that.

Hannity, conveniently ignoring reality, kept on badgering him: "Can you find it?"

PAWLENTY: No, but it has been reported. You know, CNN, I watched it myself. CNN reported they saw the birth certificate. You got to either believe that they didn't and they're lying or there is something else going on.

Something else? Like a cynical smear campaign to try and win a little free publicity, maybe? That would never happen in American politics.

Here's The Donald on "The View."

Here's T-Paw on Hannity: