Tim Pawlenty trails at 5th in prez race


Tim Pawlenty barely registers as a blip on the presidential radar, ranking 5th (with a lowly 1%) and far behind the Big 3 of Mitt Romney (25%), Sarah Palin (24%) and Mike Huckabee (22%), according to a new Rasmussin poll.

25% Romney
24% Palin
22% Huckabee
14% Gingrich
1% Barbour
1% Pawlenty
6% Some other candidate
6% Not sure

He's also among those that the party least wants to win, though Sarah Palin edges him out, as does Haley Barbour (Pawlenty tied Gingrich for third most-hated):

9% Romney
21% Palin
10% Huckabee
15% Gingrich
21% Barbour
15% Pawlenty
11% Not sure

The problem is clearly name recognition. At 28 percent, Pawlenty ties Barbour for the biggest "huh?" factor.