Tim Pawlenty sold fewer than 5,000 copies of his book

Not a lot of buyers.
Not a lot of buyers.

Not only has Tim Pawlenty's national book tour blitz failed completely to do anything about his non-existent national support for a White House bid among the Republican faithful, it's also barely garnered him any book sales.

What does this guy have to do to find some attention? It's too late to walk out in the middle of his first term as governor. Maybe he could put gun sights over his opponents' names on a map instead.

Nielsen BookScan metrics show that, since he launched his media tour last week, T-Paw has sold just about 5,000 copies of the ghost-written memoir/campaign message "Courage to Stand." (He's currently hawking copies in Texas.)

That's peanuts compared to his supernova competition for GOP support, Sarah Palin. She sold 700,000 copies of "Going Rogue" during its first week in print alone, and sailed past the million mark not long after.

But T-Paw isn't Sarah Palin, and he isn't concerned about sales figures. His spokesman told the Star Tribune that the book gives him an excuse to show up at bookstores and open microphones all over the country.

Like we said yesterday, that attention doesn't seem to be doing anything to raise his standings in the polls.

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