Tim Pawlenty plans "major announcement" at Facebook forum

Gov. Tim Pawlenty say he plans to use his first-ever Facebook "town hall" session on Wednesday to make a "major announcement" and seek input on how more Republicans can win office in 2010. The fun begins at 6:15 p.m. local time on Wednesday. Participants will be able to e-mail questions and Pawlenty will answer via live video feed.

It's pretty clear T-Paw has national ambitions -- his political action committee was set up to raise money for other Republicans, and he's been a steady presence on TV gabfests promoting policy points and bashing the president -- but he steadfastly insists that he's not going to make a formal decision about a possible White House run until his lame-duck governorship comes to an end. His poll standings among Minnesotans, meanwhile, have never been lower, a fact noted most recently by the Wall Street Journal.

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