Tim Pawlenty on Gulf oil rig disaster: Drill baby, drill


Sure, it looks like environmental Armageddon out there in the Gulf of Mexico, but best to keep on with drill baby, drill, Tim Pawlenty says in an interview with ABC News.

"We need to have a review of what happened and why it happened and then take those lessons forward," Pawlenty said. "But again I've heard some voices in this debate say, 'Let's just shut it down,' and I don't think that's realistic or wise."

And, whoops: T-Paw's off message with Republican talking points on the disaster.

"We know this: This is going to be a very damaging set of events. It appears like the federal government so far is responding to the best of their abilities, but again I think it's premature to make any conclusions about what caused this, how it was handled and whether things could have been done differently."

Doesn't he realize he supposed to be blaming the Obama administration for everything, all the time?

Here's that ABC News clip. Pawlenty addresses the oil rig disaster about 6 minutes in: