Tim Pawlenty: Obama is "all foam and no beer"

T-Paw enjoys Summit EPA, Grain Belt, and taking shots at Obama.
T-Paw enjoys Summit EPA, Grain Belt, and taking shots at Obama.

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Last month, in a piece discussing Tim Pawlenty's vice presidential prospects, The Atlantic's Jill Lawrence wrote that one of T-Paw's virtues is his ability to promote himself "as a person who can comfortably drink a Miller High Life at a VFW with someone wearing a Carhartt jacket."

T-Paw must've taken Lawrence's praise to heart, because these days he's portraying himself as a man with beer on the brain.

During an appearance on behalf of his pal Mitt Romney in Ohio yesterday, Pawlenty characterized President Obama as "all foam and no beer." The Washington Post reports that T-Paw first "rolled out" the Barack-has-no-substance line last weekend in North Carolina.

"You can't live on the foam," Pawlenty added. "His speeches are his foam."

Pawlenty, speaking with NBC News later in the day, characterized his analogy as one that "most Americans can relate to."

He added:

If Obama is foam, then what is Mitt?
If Obama is foam, then what is Mitt?
I think most people can relate to the notion that if you want a cold beer you want the beer, you don't want the foam. That sort of gets in the way of the beer and it's not the substance of what you're hoping for. And that's kind of like President Obama's presidency. It's all speeches, it's all words, it's all fancy rhetoric but the results haven't been there.

Asked about his favorite brews, T-Paw cited local favorites Grain Belt Nordeast and Summit Extra Pale Ale. Criticize his politics all you want, but give the dude credit -- he at least seems to have decent taste in beer.

Meanwhile, Mitt reportedly plans to announce his running mate sometime soon -- the RNC is less than a month away, after all -- and will do so via a new mobile app. If the past is precedent, news of Mitt's choice will leak before Romney's campaign notifies folks electronically.

T-Paw's line got us thinking -- if Obama is all foam and no beer, then what sort of alcohol-related analogy best sums up Mitt?

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