Tim Pawlenty leads charge against Obamacare on "Good Morning America"

Tim Pawlenty went on Good Morning America today to slam the health care reform signed into law today by President Barack Obama, and state DFLers wasted no time in painting Pawlenty as a political grand-stander.

The governor called the bill an "unprecedented overreach by the federal government forcing individual citizens to buy a good or a service for no other reason than they happen to be alive or a person." He predicted the health care initiative will be bankrupt within 20 years.

Nonsense, said state DFL spokesman Donald McFarland. "The governor stopped talking to Minnesotans a long time ago. He's put his national ambitions ahead of what's good for Minnesota."

Twelve Republican state attorneys general have already filed suit to block the implementation of the bill. Pawlenty has written a letter asking Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson, a Democrat, to do the same, joined by the Legislature's Republican.

Swanson's spokesman, Benjamin Wogsland, said that the AG will begin to examine the 2,400-page document now that President Obama has signed the law, but offered this caution:

"The Attorney General's Office operates in the legal arena when reviewing legal matters, and we are not going to make any legal comments until we have the opportunity to thoroughly review and analyze the 2,400 page bill."

Pawlenty's claims are "nonsense, there is no constitutional claim whatsoever," said Rep. Ryan Winkler, of Golden Valley. "The governor is just upset that health care legislation passed."

The Governor's office did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

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