Tim Pawlenty isn't conservative enough for Will Wrobleski, N.H. GOP leader

Tim Pawlenty's a nice guy, according to New Hampshire GOP executive director Will Wrobleski. But is he presidential material? Not so much.

Wrobleski says our former governor, who wants gays back in the closet and off the altar, opposes abortion, questions climate change, and slags the president as a socialist, just doesn't cut the right-wing mustard.

"I don't think he's conservative enough," Wrobleski told Roll Call when T-Paw was drumming up support in the Granite State recently for book sales and a possible White House bid. He wouldn't even allow his picture to be taken standing in a group with T-Paw.

"There's a number of guys I'd vote for," Wrobleski said. "He's not one of them."

That's a slap, but it's hardly surprising. Wrobleski's a veteran of Mitt Romney's failed attempt to win the New Hampshire primary in 2008, Romney is clearly coming back for another shot at the White House, and Wrobleski says he's considering working for him again.

Still, T-Paw's been to New Hampshire, home of the first-in-the-nation primary, six times, and he can't even get a guy like Wrobleski to pose for a photo? Sheesh. Maybe he needs more radio time with Bryan Fischer for some conservative street cred.

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