Tim Pawlenty is the solution to Middle East peace

Pawlenty gets his hawk on.

Pawlenty gets his hawk on.

Tim Pawlenty is the forgotten Minnesotan in the presidential race these days, the guy standing in Michele Bachmann's shadow, trying to get noticed and raise money despite languishing in polls from Iowa to New Hampshire.

So today he showed up at the Council on Foreign Relations for a big speech, eager to recast himself as leader of Team America World Police instead of the Obamneycare wimp.

He's putting the "F" back in Freedom.

Unveiling overseas expertise previously unrecognized, Pawlenty pilloried Barack Obama for failing to live up to the universally recognized brilliance of the last Republican president's foreign policy and military successes.

Then he got specific: Obama hates Israel; Obama loves dictators; Obama should have been clairvoyant about the Arab Spring; Obama leads from behind; Obama hates small children and puppies.

Best of all, he offered a simple solution for ending centuries of war and oppression in the Middle East: Just elect him president.

Tim Pawlenty wants to lead Team America.

Tim Pawlenty wants to lead Team America.

He's got this thing. Really.

Writes Time magazine's Michael Crowley:

The ideas here are not new; they're drawn largely from the worldview of Dick Cheney and Bill Kristol and will be familiar to readers of, say, the Weekly Standard.

Because those ideas worked out so well under George W. Bush.