Tim Pawlenty is Haagen-Dazs vanilla to Fox News

<i>Tim Pawlenty and Haagen-Dazs vanilla, the preferred flavor of Fox News.</i>

Tim Pawlenty and Haagen-Dazs vanilla, the preferred flavor of Fox News.

After almost a half-hour of challenging Tim Pawlenty's voodoo economics on Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace echoed Bill O'Reilly and wondered aloud whether Pawlenty was just too nice to be a presidential candidate.

Maybe he'd be better suited to selling vanilla ice cream?

"You got to get a little Trump in him," O'Reilly said last week. "Look, Haagen-Dazs can put his picture on vanilla. Do we get that? Are we all hearing that? The guy is invisible."

WALLACE: Vanilla, invisible -- how do play it, Governor?

PAWLENTY: Did, Chris -- did Bill O'Reilly use the word vanilla?

WALLACE: He did.

PAWLENTY: Is he playing the race card on me?

WALLACE: I don't think so, sir. I think he was talking about the taste, not the color.


PAWLENTY: All right. Well, look, I'm not running for comedian-in-chief, or entertainer-in-chief. If people want that, they should go to the ball park or Broadway play or a Las Vegas show. [TRANSCRIPT]

That's right. Pawlenty needs to be more like a TV talk show host if he wants to get anywhere in presidential politics. Maybe launch a little food fight now and then.

It could have been worse, though. O'Reilly could slapped him with a little White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, or Bananas Foster. Or maybe Rocky Road would have been a better metaphor.

And Pawlenty played along. "Race card?" That's a knee slapper.

Which is sort of the point: Pawlenty's already tried the Entertainer in Chief role, with all those ridiculous videos that cast him as the star in a Jerry Bruckheimer flick. It just doesn't sell.

You want entertainment? That's what Michele Bachmann's for.

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