Tim Pawlenty dips in 2012 polls and snubs Tea Party


A CNN poll released yesterday shows Pawlenty's support dropping among Republicans. In a survey of 498 Republicans, only 2 percent said they were most likely to support Pawlenty. That's down from 5 percent in the CNN poll from late March, and it puts him in a tie for seventh place with Indiana Congressman Mike Pence among the field of expected GOP candidates.

So what gives? T-Paw has been campaigning like crazy. In the last month alone he's given speeches to Republican groups in Florida, North Dakota, Washington D.C., and New Hampshire. Why can't the man get traction? One theory batted about in the press recently is that in the era a rightward-drifting GOP and an ascendant Tea Party, Pawlenty isn't conservative enough for the Republican base.

Maybe it's time for the Governor to step up the right-wing pandering? If so, tomorrow would be a fine day to start. The Tea Party Patriots are planning a rally at the statehouse at noon. But it doesn't look like T-Paw plans to run with the teabaggers tomorrow. While his press office didn't return out calls this afternoon, AP reporter Brian Bakst tweeted that Pawlenty won't be in attendance.