Tim Pawlenty calls out GOP presidential poseurs

Tim Pawlenty faces the also-rans.
Tim Pawlenty faces the also-rans.

Tim Pawlenty wanted to look like bona fide presidential material tonight on Fox News, facing down the likes of Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, and Newt Gingrich in a GOP debate from South Carolina.

But those folks are not showing up. Neither is Michele Bachmann, nor Sarah Palin.

What's the matter, Pawenty prods today in a column posted at The Daily Caller, are you all a bunch of poseurs? The debate's on Fox News in a red state: You'll be preaching to the choir, for cryin' out loud. Where are the reinforcements?

"Some candidates are skipping tonight's Republican debate in South Carolina because they believe it's "too soon" to begin the presidential campaign against Barack Obama," he says. "I only hope that it's not too late."

He said the same thing to Fox News last week: Obama's gonna clean everyone's clocks if he isn't double-, triple-, or quadruple-teamed:

"This is a president who's got his challenges, but he's going to raise a billion dollars; he's a very gifted campaigner and we've got to start taking the case to the American people why he should be fired."

What does he get for an answer? Crickets chirping, along with Rick Santorum, Herman Cain, Ron Paul, and Gary Johnson. The rest of the field just doesn't need the publicity.

Upside: Politico opines that "the night is all about Tim Pawlenty."

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