Tim Pawlenty brags about shutting down Minnesota in new campaign video

"Pawlenty won." How'd it work out for you?

"Pawlenty won." How'd it work out for you?

Tim Pawlenty wants credit for shutting down the state government in 2005.

In a new 30-second campaign ad (below), Pawlenty says the state government froze in 2005 because he was too tough for Democratic legislators. Even if it wasn't good for Minnesota, dammit, it was good for Tim Pawlenty.


"Minnesota government shutdown, why?" the narrator asks. "Because Tim Pawlenty would not accept Democrats' massive spending demands. Result? Pawlenty won."

This seems an odd moment for Pawlenty to be patting himself on the back for shutting down the state. With unpaid state employees and state services at a standstill, a shutdown doesn't seem so great. But in T-Paw's ad, it's one of his proudest achievements.