Tim Pawlenty booked for "Daily Show" slot

Minnesotans got over it a long time ago, but Tim Pawlenty keeps reminding us he's breaking up with us, that he's moving on, that he's got a whole nation to woo.

Of course, before he can woo the country, our home-grown presidential hopeful has to overcome the problem that nobody knows who he is.
With that in mind, T-Paw announced on his Facebook page that he's going on "The Daily Show" next Thursday.

We're not saying Pawlenty can't be hilarious. There was the time he cracked wise about domestic violence in the Tiger Woods household. And the time he quoted "Talladega Nights" in a fund-raising speech to invoke his wife's hotness. And the time he yukked it up on the radio about his wife's unwillingness to have sex with him.

But politicians appearing on the Daily Show are taking their lives in their hands, as Larry Craig learned to his dismay earlier this week.

So will this be Pawlenty's coming-out party, or his undoing? And what questions should Jon Stewart ask him?  Leave your suggestions in the comments.

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