Tim Pawlenty: Barack Obama really is American [UPDATE]

He's American. Get over it. Move on.

He's American. Get over it. Move on.

President Barack Obama is an American. Rep. Michele Bachmann and her followers seem to have a hard time accepting that fact, but the fellow Minnesotan she may face if she runs for the GOP presidential nomination harbors no such tea party delusions.

Tim Pawlenty said this morning Republicans are making a big mistake if they try to resurrect birther conspiracy theories. You want to beat the guy in 2012? "Question his policies," not his birth certificate.


"I, for one, believe we should not be raising that issue, in the sense that President Obama was born in the United States," Pawlenty told Joe Scarborough, in response to a question about Donald Trump's embrace of the birthers.

But that hasn't stopped T-Paw from riffing on the notion that the president is some kind of alien.

"When you listen to his policies, don't you at least wonder what planet he's from?" he asked tea partiers in Arizona last month.

Ah, yes. We can just imagine the next gloriously over-the-top T-Paw campaign video: "Brother From Another Planet Returns."

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Update: T-Paw tells Sean Hannity we ought to worry about real problems:

I just don't believe with the advertisement, with the hospital announcement, with the certificate of live birth, that somebody that long ago, you know, fabricated and created a fraudulent situation that Barack Obama could be where he is today.

Watch the T-Paw movie trailers:

Bachmann and the birthers: