Tim Dolan's reappointment as police chief gets 8-5 City Council approval (UPDATE)

The Minneapolis City Council approved police Chief Tim Dolan for a second three-year term on a 8-5 vote on Friday.

Kevin Reich, Diane Hofstede, Barbara Johnson, Don Samuels, Lisa Goodman, Gary Schiff, John Quincy and Sandy Colvin Roy supported Dolan. Cam Gordon, Robert Lilligren, Elizabeth Glidden, Meg Tuthill, and Betsy Hodges voted against him.

"Chief Dolan has led a strong reduction in crime in Minneapolis over the last three years, making our city dramatically safer by almost every measure. He has accomplished this not only by through smart, cutting-edge policing, but by building strategic partnerships with communities in every corner of our city," Mayor R.T. Rybak said in a statement.

"I especially appreciate that the Chief has been a full and unwavering partner, along with a wide range of community organizations and many other levels of government, in our successful efforts to reduce juvenile violence," he said.

Last week, the Public Safety Committee gave Dolan a 3-1 vote of support. Member Cam Gordon was the lone vote against Dolan, saying the chief fell short of acceptable when it came to his relationship with the Civilian Review Authority.

Dolan told the Star Tribune on Friday that he'd live with the 8-5 vote, compared to the 12-1 tally he won three years ago.

"I'm comfortable with it. I don't think we have a perfect department. I don't think I'm a perfect chief. But we're building on it."

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