Tim Brewster fired after Gophers loss at Purdue

University of Minnesota football coach Tim Brewster was kicked out of his job Sunday, a day after the Gophers lost 28-17 at Purdue.

Offensive coordinator Jeff Horton has now been handed the responsibility of salvaging the team's 1-6 season, while Brewster rides off into the sunset with a $600,000 buyout package.

An offensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos before his 2007 arrival in Minnesota, Brewster had zero experience as a head coach to replace fired Glen Mason. Still, Athletic Director Joe Maturi assured fans he'd done his homework bringing Brewster up north.

Maybe so, in which case maybe Maturi gets an "F." Instead of delivering on promises of Big Ten titles and an end the Gophers' Rose Bowl drought, Brewster put together a dismal overall 15-30 record, 6-21 in the Big Ten.

"We have high aspirations for our football program and we are not satisfied with its current direction," Maturi said in a statement. "The results so far this season have been unacceptable and the program has simply not shown enough improvement over the past three and a half years to continue with the status quo."

"Obviously, I hired a football coach that didn't win enough games," Maturi said at a press conference today. But he softened the blow a little with some praise:

There are a lot of good things about our football program because of Coach Brewster. Not the least of which are the improvements academically, the improvements of our student athletes in the community, the tremendous passion and energy and visibility that I think that he has brought.

And in case anyone was wondering, "Tony Dungy shared with me that he is not interested in getting back into coaching."

A national search is now on for a permanent head coach.

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