Thursday morning papers

News inversion grips Twin Cities metro; residents choke on stale stories

In the Strib: Fear your children well: Following the Red Lake shootings, a second metro-area student has been suspended for making threats; a sign of the times we haven't seen much in a while: garbage house discovered in St. Paul; a $1.50/hr minimum wage increase advances to the floor of the Minnesota House.

In the Pi-Press: St. Paul Mayor Randy Kelly offers up to a dozen debates to his opponents; retiring TCF chair Bill Cooper will start a new bank with his son, in Ohio; the arbitration hearing on reporters suspended for attending Springsteen concert is today.

Other dailies: This will come as a blow to right-wing bloggers trying to expose the next Rather-gate: That "phony" GOP memo about the political advantages of flogging the Schiavo case is real, and was written by a staffer for Florida Republican Senator Mel Martinez. Powerline's got a funny "but, but, but" face-saving item about it.  

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