Thrifty Hipster botches 'Shanghaied': New comment of the day

Thrifty Hipster Matthew Dowgwillo

Thrifty Hipster Matthew Dowgwillo

Our story on Thrifty Hipster Matthew Dowgwillo, and his shambles of a 'Shanghaied' New Year's Eve party downtown, touched a nerve in the comments section.

At first, revelers who bought tickets and promises of gambling, contortionists and Geisha girls complained that they were sold a phony bill of goods.

Now, Adam Minter wonders why hipsters would spend money on what he calls, "The most pathetic and childish Oriental stereotypes that one could possibly imagine."

For what it's worth, I feel compelled to point out that this party - as described here, and in the flier - engages in some of the most pathetic and childish Oriental stereotypes that one could possibly imagine. Go-go dancers? Contortionists? Geisha girls? I've lived in downtown Shanghai for eight years, and I've yet to see any of that (Geishas, of course, are Japanese, which might explain that). Why not hold an African New Year featuring real live bushmen and performers in black face? Or a Native American New Year with real live skin drums and women dressed in leather dresses? I expect little of anybody who would identify as a hipster, and even less of those who would attend a party targeted to thrifty hipsters - but for the love of good taste my dear Minnesotans, have you all really sunk so far? Frankly, anybody low enough to be attracted to this kind of minstrel show deserves to have their money stolen.

Fun and games or pathetic minstrel show? Tell us what you think in the comments section.

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