Three Kittens Discovered Inside Dumpster in Taped-Up Box



Some people are just the worst. Last week a property manager in Hudson heard loud meowing coming from a dumpster near Buffalo Wild Wings, and when he investigated further he found a shipping box taped shut with three kittens inside.

Kathi Pelnar, the city's animal control worker, responded to the man's call on December 11 around 11:30 a.m. She estimated the kittens were between six and eight weeks old.

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"I pick up a lot of animals, most of them get reclaimed. Finding them in a dumpster happens maybe once or twice a year," she said. "It's inexcusable with so many programs out there that these little guys end up in a shipping box in the dumpster."

One of the kittens escaped when the man who found them opened the box, but Pelnar was able to get the other two to the Woodbury Humane Society. Traps have been set to try to recapture the one that got away, but that kitten has not turned up so far.

"The kittens were in pretty good shape. They were taped pretty tightly in the box with shipping tape, though. There was no way they were getting out of there," she said.

"If nobody would've found them they were either going to get crushed by the garbage truck or starve to death."

Pelnar followed up to see if there was any surveillance tape so they could catch the sick bastard who did this, but she had no luck.

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